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My name is Kayla Horan-Dmytruk and I’m a Saskatchewan marriage commissioner located in Saskatoon. If you can dream it, I can help make it a reality. Do you want a long, beautiful ceremony? Short and sweet? A cool cosplay wedding? A sand ceremony? Do you want your friend to conduct the ceremony? Just vows and paperwork? I can do it all! Shoot me an email or give me a call and we can discuss your dream ceremony!


  • Basic

    Just the vows and paperwork. This is a legal marriage without the bells and whistles. Perfect for the couple who are having a destination wedding and don’t want to jump through the hoops required to be legally married in another country or the couple who have a friend doing their actual ceremony. Contact me for more details!

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  • Simple

    A short, simple, beautiful ceremony. It is about 15 minutes long. Contact me for more details!

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  • Rehearsal

    If you would like a practice run-through of the wedding or need a bit of help organizing who-goes-where-and-when, I would be happy to attend your rehearsal. Contact me for more details!

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  • Custom

    If you have a unique, off-the-wall idea I would love to hear it! Contact me and we can discuss making your dream ceremony a reality!

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*If you require travel outside of Saskatoon, we request an additional $0.4483/km


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  • What do we need for the ceremony?

    - A valid marriage license
    - Two witnesses over the age of 18
    That’s it!

  • Can my friend do the ceremony?

    Absolutely! All I need to do to make your marriage legal is conduct two vows and do some paperwork. I can do the legal stuff the week before, during your ceremony, or the morning after!

  • Are you a priest?

    Nope. I’m a civil marriage commissioner. As such, I’m not permitted to conduct any religious ceremonies.

  • Do you provide us with a marriage certificate?

    Yes. I will provide you with an unofficial certificate. If you wish to purchase the official one, you need to go through eHealth.



Contact us for general inquiries, or click here to request a date.